Saturday, March 22, 2008


I tend to go thru musical phases where I completely immerse myself in what ever it is that is interesting me at the time and just absorb as much as possible of a particular type of music as I can, and usually to the exclusion of all other music. Sometimes, as in the case of jazz and country music I listened to virtually nothing but those genres for a couple years each before I finally started to dip my toes back in other vibes again. So it was with reggae music which fortunately hit me prior to it being heavily influenced by rap music and veering off into dancehall style. Dub is the style that just kabonged me. No pseudo-pun intended. It was the work of poet Linton Kwesi Johnson that moved me in particular. Johnson's brilliant poetic political lyrics combined with the muscular music of Dennis Bovell made for a heavy wall shaking skull rocking experience. Here's a couple of examples which include the original vocal version as well as the dub mix. The louder you play it the more your neighbors will love you.

Linton Kwesi Johnson- Indepentdant Intavenshan: The Island Anthology

LKJ @ MySpace

Sonny's Lettah MP3
Iron Bar Dub MP3

Fite Dem Back MP3
Brain Smashing Dub MP3


  1. Wow... what is it about dub? It wasn't till I was 30 to appreciate it. It's thick like marshmallows... in a good way! Check out my blog!

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