Sunday, April 13, 2008

There's Trouble Everyday.

I recently got an email from a friend who was beat down, cockolded, and horrifically humiliated by someone he had known intimately for 25+ years. It came to mind that the only thing that could begin to heal me of a similar pain would be music. And the only artists who fit the job would be Mr.Frank Sinatra and The Tindersticks. They are the only artists I know who consistantly understand or in the case of Francis "understood" that depth of pain. I suggest wether you are really hurtin' or just wish you were to pour yourself something amber in a big tall glass and turn the speakers up as loud as possible and wallow and rejoice and dance in the midst of the misery.

13 lucky and lovely Tindersticks videos

Feeling good about feelin' bad? Excellent. This will settle it. Frank Sinatra Live at The Sands backed by The Count basie Orchestra. Personally my favourite Sinatra song of all. Make sure your speakers are extra loud at about 1:57. As I explained to my suffering friend this song delivers a sonic middle finger.

Frank Sinatra- Live at The Sands

Waiting for the moon
Can Our Love...
Working For The Man: The Greatest Hits

Bonus: A recording of Frank doing Angel Eyes from Live at The Sands

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