Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yes, I too once rawked like it was goin' outta style.

Sad thing is it seems that rocking has actually gone out of style. Short of the bands attending this summers Deep Blues Festival, the Black Keys (see 'em on Dave recently? By gawd that's what the hell i'm talkin' about!), and a half a handful of others I don't find much in rock to to get too excited about. It's almost like Iggy never recorded Fun House. Where the hell's The Melvins anyhow? I'm not trying to be all "well when I was was a kid we actually knew how to fkn rock! And we rocked in the snow for three miles uphill with out no shoes on neither! You kids don't know nuthin' about the rock!" But hell...where's the sexy? Where's the swagger? I think every band I was in from the mid 80s to late 90s, when it came to playing live music had the policy that if you couldn't smoke to it and/or fck to it then what the hell was the point? I'm not usually one for blanket condemning statements but (outside of maybe some Southern Lord bands and The Sword) it seems like most of the bands these days are too busy playin' dress up or trimmin' their beards to go down in to the basement of justice and hunker down and rawk the fck out. Am I wrong? Prove it. I want names.
Back in nineteen and ought ninety-six in Seattle I had a little three piece called Host. Look up "power trio". You'll see our picture. We recorded two cassettes over our career. One was called A lower Form of Animal. It had 4 songs. The other titled Your New Best Friend had three songs. Vic Hudak sang and thumped the bass. I drummed and Jim Friesz handled guitar. We played a number of gigs over the few years we were together and artistically it was probably the best band I've ever been in. Vic was a single dad, and that aint an easy thing to be in a big city and eventually he needed to move back home across the state to Pullman for some familial back-up. Jim and I carried on in another band. Here, sans 3 uncompleated tracks, is the sum of our recorded output.

A Lower Form of Animal
1. Cream of the Crop MP3
2. I've Fallen MP3
4. Modicum MP3

Your New Best Friend
1. Hit The Pipe MP3
2. Slumming MP3
3. Lick and Prayer MP3
Bonus unfinished track

A later version of Host (lead by Mr.Hudak w/o me. I made the video)


  1. Cool stuff. Was that you doing the low background vocals on I've Fallen?

  2. Awesome...very glad you dug these up and shared 'em. To ROCK or Not to ROCK....well, there's no real question now is there?

  3. new sword album...has left me wanting i think. however, SAVIOURS "into abaddon" has filled in a nice little motorhead-shaped niche in my black metallic heart.


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