Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bobbie Gentry

I heart Bobbie Gentry. Her album Ode To Billy Joe has always been a hit at our house. Not only is she a great american songwriter and easy on the eyes she's a great singer. As you go thru the Bobbie Gentry videos be sure and take a look at the ones where she sings with Cash as well as the one with der Bingle (with Tiny Tim!). Can you name me one pop star of today that could pull off a casual variety show setting as comfortably? That could sing with Cash or Bing let alone be on the pop and country charts at the same time with out sucking and annoying? I doubt it. I've noticed that when folks blog about her they usually post the same old (tho wonderful) songs like Ode to Billy Joe, Mississippi Delta, or maybe one of my other rarer faves like Casket Vignette. I thought i'd post three of my favourites that I hav'nt seen posted elsewhere. I hope you enjoy them.

Bobbie Gentry at AMAZON

I saw an angel die MP3

Mornin' Glory MP3

Sermon MP3

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