Monday, August 4, 2008

HONKEYFiNGER: Live at BIG Vs.Saint Paul MN.07.21.08

HONKEYFiNGER slayed people at Deep Blues. The power of his sound set of the tornado sirens and brought a fifteen minute deluge. No such anomalies at his post-DBF appearence at Big Vs. Other than a good 1/2 hour of ass kicking sqwonk and head bangin' boogie. I only got three songs before my trusty cam ran out of space but here they are. Even darker on stage than Mudlow's set but the darkness lends a certain evol love vibe to the proceedings.
HONKEYFiNGER releases including his massive new digital slab Invocation of The Demon Other are available HERE

HONKEYFiNGER 1 of 3 from ricksaunders on Vimeo.

HONKEYFiNGER 2 of 3 from ricksaunders on Vimeo.

HONKEYFiNGER 3 of 3 from ricksaunders on Vimeo.

Here's a couple MP3s fresh off Mr.Honkeyfinger's xtra wicked new album:



and yeah...Deep Blues '09 is happening.
Just HOW happening is up to your advance support

Find out more HERE.

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  1. hey thanks for the videos - just wish I had been there... 2009 sounds good. JMD


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