Friday, August 22, 2008

Who The Hell is C.C. Adcock?

Who The Hell is C.C. Adcock?
One self-titled album in 1994 and another in 2004 called Lafayette Marquis. Both albums are dirty mojo bags stuffed to over flow with south texass blues and backwoods sleazy swamp town one swangin' blue light house party boogie. Lafayette Marquis branches down to throw on some textureized filthy mid-period zz topian remixish night tripper-esque voodoo sexy steamy spook funk. Growing up in S.W. Louisiana and years spent as a touring guitarist behind Bo Diddley and Buckwheat Zydeco is bound to skew yr ears to something different and different is a good word to start with when speaking of the music of C.C. Adcock. The thing that attracts me to Adcock's work is what I look for in the music that I love best and moves me most. That's mystery, freshness, and a twist. I want to hear what I haven't heard before and C.C. Adcock brings it. Adcock keeps one deluxe custom-made steel toe work boot firmly stepping to the future while the other dances and slides confidently in, out, and all around a dirty french alligator Louisian sexy swamp mud under a shiny white hot desert Texan sun draped in sweltering big black moonless Los Angeloan sharkskin traditions.

Sorry no C.C. Adcock MySpace. It appears to have been been hacked.

C.C.'s side band Lil' Band O' Gold with Steve Riley of Mamou Playboys played backed up Robert Plant on a Fats Domino Tribute. Read This.

Buy Lil' Band O' Gold from AMAZON

C.C. Adcock review at Jesse Kornbluth's Head Butler
Cool C.C. Adcock acoustic podcast/interview from UK


from C.C. Adcock- Lafayette Marquis

Think she'd Be Good To Me MP3
Runaway Life MP3
Love n' Gold MP3

from C.C. Adcock- self titled Buy it from AMAZON!

Couchmal MP3
Beaux's Bounce MP3
What I Like MP3

Check out this short film on Lil' Band O' Gold! it's called Promised Land.


  1. who the hell indeed .. this amazing guy lives off the radar somehow .. i have been trying to get a hold of him to go to a show for months .. totally impossible i tried the myspace as well .. nuttin .. any suggestions

  2. A quick hello and a big THANKS for sharing and all your hard work. Good reviews and great music here. Much appreciated.


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