Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paul Newman has passed on.

Mr.Newman starred in Cool Hand Luke. One of my top three favorite films of all time. I got in trouble when I was about ten for reading the book...but hell, I usually got in trouble for one book or another. One of those rare actors whose films you can usually trust. If Newman was in it it was more than likely worth watching. Seen Long Hot Summer or Cat On A Hot Tin Roof lately? He was also incredibly giving. via his Newman's Own food brand Mr. Newman generated over $250 Million dollars for his charities. Every wednesday night I make pizza, pretty much from scratch, and if I don't make my own sauce I use Paul's. Newman was a badass, a gentleman, a family man, and an icon. It doesn't get much better. R.I.P. Brother Newman. And Thanks.

Paul Newman- Cool Hand Luke Soundtrack- Plastic Jesus MP3

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