Tuesday, September 2, 2008

When RUSH repaired my teenage stereo.

As a kid I had a hand me down stereo I got from my older brother. It was one of those old jobs where the speakers are attached to the side and you could fold them back and flip the turntable up and it had a handle on the top which made the thing portable. One day I was listening to something as loud as that stereo would go when all of a sudden it started smoking and one of the channels went out. I was was totally teenage-size bummed, dude. I kept using the thing as a mono rig and didn't bother to buy any more records 'cuz I knew they'd sound like crap. But then All The Worlds a Stage came out, and at the time I was a fan and I had to get it. This was back in the olden times of haystacking the partybowl. Went down to the record store and picked it up. Put it on and it sounded like crap. At first. But but then that old stereo started smokin' again and the speaker started working again. That's when Rush- All The World's A stage repaired my stereo. BUY iT!

ps-I gave that ol' stereo to my sister.


  1. Man...Rush was IT for me for a while. All The Worlds a Stage...2112...Fly By Night...Permanent Waves...Moving Pictures. Geez...I haven't listened to that stuff in years. Now I know where my music budget is going this weekend.

    I do believe they could fix a stereo. it's just that good.


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