Sunday, December 27, 2009


Such a tragic loss is the death of Vic Chesnutt. A powerful lyricist and adventurous musician that far too few knew about. Rest in peace Sir.

I've included Amazon linkage below to my 2 fave Chesnutt albums as well as to his new release. I hope you'll take advantage of them as i'm sure his estate could use the assistance. Carry on.

Ignorant People

born as I was to ignorant people
too traumatized to take me home
came in a car and left on an embankment
covered with pine straw
but instinct saved me
something innate
made my wet lungs scream with hate
scream with hatefound as I was fixing a flat tire
he’d run 'em bald
the schemer looked down upon the screamer
like buried treasure
he nursed me and cherished me
and trained me to be
what is here in front of you
a ticket to see, a ticket to seefate has been so good to me
you may not understand
how I can be thankful to be where I am
to be where I am


Florida, Florida, the redneck riviera
Florida, Florida, there's no more pathetic place in America
yes a man must make unpopular decisions, surely from time to time
and a man can only stand what a man can stand
it's a wobbly volatile line

Florida, Florida, the water table is fucked
Florida, Florida, there's no more perfect place to give it all up
a man must take his life in his own hands
hit those nails on the head
and i respect a man who goes to where he wants to be
even if he wants to be dead

Florida, Florida, its a tropical paradise
Florida, Florida, theres no more perfect place to retire from life

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  1. Thanks a million for this amazing video. Did I miss where you mentioned your favorite two albums? I go with "Is the Actor Happy" and "Little". Where is Lester Bangs when you need him? I am guessing I know what he would have made of all of this.


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