Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WHY DOES THE Major Label MUSIC INDUSTRY insist on Sucking?

Oh Hai Universal Music Group? I have a simple question for you. WTF is up with Embedding Disabled By Request?! Is this a promotional product or is it not? I wanted to embed a Remy Shand video on my blog and write a nice over-due piece on Mr. Shand and of course link to Amazon for sales. But for some reason The Major Labels insist on being kicked and dragged into the future scraeming NOOOO!!! Y'all need to grow up and take the lead and just offer all yr videos to be embedded. This is a perfect example of WHY YOU are FAILING.The indys that are surviving offer embedable video. Why? SO THAT I CAN PROMOTE THE ARTIST FOR THEM FOR FREE! What is wrong with you people? Are you honestly willing to see your industry die? Ok. Last time. I Want To Promote an Artist of Yours for FREE. So let me embed. It's time to snap out of it Record Industry.

Rick Saunders Breaks His Silence

The Deep Blues Blog

Btw, You know there are countless more bloggers like me out there with the same opinion.
Good Luck.

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