Thursday, January 14, 2010


Lucas Renney's Strange Glory is my album of the year.

Brilliant gold-leaf edged midnite blue-hearted songs careworn by english rain.

I'm not much for Bests. Oh I love reading Best Of lists but i'm just not interested in making them. But I have to make an exception with Lucas Renney's Strange Glory album.  I'm a sucker for misery and heartache with a wash of darkness, for literate lyrics, well crafted songs, and strings. Strange Glory brings all that in a lush yet understated acoustic englishness (produced by Simon Raymonde of Cocteau Twins!) that intimately rewards with each listen. One can imagine Renney singing the raw poetry of his late night diary entrys direct to disc. If you ever had your heartbroken this is the album you wish you had to play over and over  and over again. iTUNES tells me i've listened to the songs on Strange Glory at least 35 times each and my heart is far from broken! File near the beautiful heartbreak of Richard Hawley and the smart lyrical dexterity and pop cunning of Elvis Costello. Seriously: All Killer No filler.

Lucas Renney @ FACEBOOK
Lucas Renney @ MySpace

The MP3 album is only $9.99 from Amazon.  BUY iT.

PS- Tremendous THANK YOU to my friend Paul Bushnell who turned me onto this album
after listening to it walking home from work in the rain. 

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