Thursday, July 22, 2010

PRiNCE ~ GETOFF - Probably NTSFW so Hold it. and --->

you might have to quit it. NSFW because while knowingly kitsch, goofball, and corny 
it's also The Diminutive One's dirty duuurttyy groove that'll set mama's house a'fire and more. 

He'll remind you that you are naked under your clothes.

Did I ever tell ya about the time me and my Seattle buddy Jim went to a whisk(e)y tasting? Yeah see, I had joined the Small Batch Bourbon Society early on and they were having a tasting in Seattle and I could bring a friend so Jim and we soon arrived at a non-descript banquet room. The room was more than half-empty yet around but around each eight-foot round table with white tablecloth sat five small glasses each filled with a tablespoon or two of fine whiskey from Jim Beam's small batch Bourbon collection. Knob Creek. Basil Haden. Bakers, and Bookers.  Jim and I were sat at a table set for eight. A few of the tables were open like that. It was big ol' Booker Noe  himself who gave us the history and the secret of the amber. Mr. Noe was the personification Good Ol'Boy/business man/ grandpa. We learned about how water, preferably branch, which as with water and wine, opens the whiskey up so that you are not a wuss if you like water in your whiskey, but rather, you are well-rounded. To cut to the chase Booker told us that night how his wife used to baste baked chicken with Basil Haydens but she was out so she used Booker's. He said it blew the front door right off the oven. Here's a stretch: Prince is like that. You want him to be easy and delicious like Knob Creek on ice with water & rocks glass. He is but he'll probably blow the doors off while still being called a wuss. 

Perhaps Prince should adopt the sage words of Chloe Sevigne as a motto. 
Perhaps we all should.: 

There are not many earthlings worthy of being called Maestro. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, Maestro Prince--->

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