Sunday, May 15, 2011


I discovered Esma Redzepova by watching the documentary film Gypsy Caravan.
if you love exceptional and/or uncommon music  this movie is essential viewing . 

Here's an unfortunately modern take on the same song:

To Cleanse the pallet:

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  1. Hi,
    Cool that you appreciate Esma; I had the chance to see her live performing twice. If you like special woman gypsy voices, give a try to Liljana Buttler (Yougoslavia) and Romica Puceanu (Romania), both gone unfortunately. I saw once Liljana with the Mostar Sevdah Reunion and it was awesome, but now she's singing only for the angels.
    I have some pictures and will show them on my website soon or later...
    All the best and keep blogging. Jean-Christophe ARAV


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