Friday, December 2, 2011

I think I might Be In Love With Recoil.

Tons of thanks to Matt Mudlow for the happenstance!

I'll admit it. 
I never got Depeche Mode. Total respect but just I never heard a thing that did it for me. I'm glad that you did. 

Alan Wilder was once in Depeche Mode. The sound of his outfit Recoil is exactly what I found lacking in DM. I'll will cop to not hearing a lot of his previous thing...however if it's a contest Recoil dusts 'em. They are so very wicked.

Wilder throws his thing down with the chocolatey buzz paranoia of Tricky, the genre crushing, reality-bending fabulousness of Massive Attack, the sonic expressiveness of Pink Floyd, SEX,  and sex with the smart and darkly synthesized pop sense and skill of Depeche Mode. 

I utterly adour this.

ps- you might want to play these videos when your home alone.

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