Friday, July 20, 2012

SPACE CAPONE - Volume One - Transformation

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Why aren't these dudes huge?
They play original classical Saturday Night Fever/Prince/KC & The Sunshine Band good-time party jams so sticky good it's hard to know if they are serious. Like, is this dude really a bald Justin Timberlake with a ginger beard? The sound is so smooth, so sopisticated yet with a funky rare vinyl cut-out originality that slays me. 

Capone must have an advanced independent studies degree from Yacht Rock U and Professors Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs have got to be proud of their golden boy. Space Capone's falsetto ranks with the masters of the art. The crushed velvety smoothness of his satin jams sound cut from the same cloth as Wilt Chamberlain's bedspread. 

The best thing I can say about this album, and this may mean nothing to you (and that's too bad) but it means a lot to me is that this album comes damn close to ranking with the mysterious Remy Shand's legendary debut album. Check out the videos. Not only does Space Capone nail it to the floor in the studio but they have a wicked hot, sweaty, tight live show, too.
This badasshipsterdiscopartypimpolicious music deserves to jam every party from coast to coast. Fitz? Mayer? Gayngs? Forget 'em. Space Capone, baby. Summer is ON!

Major thanks to Amanda Broadway for turning me on to the world of Space Capone!

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  1. Couldn't agree more! I'm from Pennsylvania and I travel hundreds of miles to see these guys. Each band member is a master musician and each show is an event. They never phone it in - it is real and it is great. See them. Love them. Spread the word.


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