Saturday, May 17, 2014

What I learned From Jimmie Rodgers.

 When I read a book I use a bookmark made out of a sheet of paper folded to about four by eleven. I use it to take notes about things I want to know more about, or don't know about at all. 

Here's the list from Nolan Porterfield's JIMMIE RODGERS - LIFE & TIME: The Life and Times of America's Blue Yodeler::

ne plus ultra

apple knocker

Chick Webb - Sweet Sue 



The Happiness Boys - Billy Jones and Ernie Hare

The Silver Masked Tenor = Joseph White

Nellie Melba

Riley Puckett

Reverend Andy Jenkins

Edward Abbe Niles

Boyd Senter and The Senterpedes

Gene Austin


Bill Bruner

Joe Hanks aka Fine Arts (no info found)

William S. Hart

Hoot Gibson

Ben Turpin

Jimmie & I.N. Bronson

The Two Black Crows

Romans : 6


Last songs recorded by Jimmie Rodgers (in order) =
Old Love Letters
Mississippi Delta Blues
Down Below The Mason-Dixon Line

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