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B@@K NOTES :: I Don't Know What This Is.

Shot at Ormond Beach, FL
When I read a  book I take a blank sheet of paper and 
fold it into quarters then use that as a bookmark. Then i'll make notes on the bookmark of words I don't know or that I like, or that I want to know more about. Sometimes the mark comes up empty, sometimes I'll fill it across all four sides and the back. I found a bunch stashed in a desk drawer. In most cases I have no idea what books they're from but I thought I'd post them for your entertainment. Assuming you exist, of course.

Bookmark # 8 -
From Bunny Berigan - Elusive Legend of Jazz, and Pops - Paul Whiteman, The King of Jazz.

Art Hickman
Deems Taylor
Carleton Coons
Vincent Lopez
Harry Yerkes & his Syncopating Symphonists
Movie: The King of Jazz
Zez Confrey
Robison/Whiteman- Peaceful Valley
Charles Strickfaden
Leo Sowerby - Monotony
William Grant Still - composer
Texas Guinan
Edwin Snowball Harris
Jean Goldkette
Harry Barris w/Bing Crosby - Rhythm Boys
Margaret Livingston - Innocents of Paris
Thomas Ince
All Quiet on The Western Fron (1930)
Jane Froman
Weber & Fields - Comics
Wingy Manone
Noble Sissel
Fourage- Colonel Stoopnagle & Bud
Oscar Levant
Billy Rose
Fletcher Henderson
Benny Goodman story? Film?
Eddie Farley & Mike Riley
Saturday Night Swing Club
Axel Stordahl
Jimmy Dorsey
Bama Warwick
Roosevelt Hotel - Jacksonville, FL
Rex Stewart - Black Cornetist
Film: Syncopation w/Jackie Cooper, Adolph Menjou, Bunny Berigan
Wingy Manone - Old Squareface
Lee Wiley
Red Allen
Ruby Braff
Al Jolson w/Paul Whiteman
Irene Taylor
Durelle Alexander
Movie: Thanks a million
Movie; Jumbo
Boswell Sisters
Ken Darby
Major Bowes
Ritz Brothers
Sweet music- Wayne King, Guy Lombardo, Jan Garber
Maxine Sullivan
Paul Pingitore
Film: Strike up the band
Film: 42nd Street
Freddie Slack & Ella Mae Morse - Cow Cow Boogie
Thelma Carpenter
Film: Rhapsody In Blue (1945)
Film: Atlantic City (1944)
Evelyn Knight
Kay Armen
Harry Cool
Glen Gray
Radio show- Paul Whiteman Club
Ida James
Film: The Lambertville Story
The Goodyear Revue
Fifi D' Orsay
Skinnay Ennis

Bookmark # 7 -
No idea what this book was.

Widows cruse
Fortunata's Purse
General Belmont believed in the divine right of white men
Bed of procrustes
Aut Caesar, art null us.
"When June comes dancing on the death of May"

Bookmark #6 -
I have no idea what book this is from, but I bet it was good.

The scent of Black Narcissus
Ne plus ultra
Apple Knocker
Chick Webb - Sweet Sue
The Happiness boys - Billy Jones and Ernie Hare
The Silver Masked Tenor = Joseph White
Nellie Melba
Riley Puckett
Rev. Andy Jenkins
Edward Abbe Niles
Boyd Senter and The Senterpedes
Gene Austin
Bill Bruner
Joe Hanks aka Fine Arts
William S. Hart
Hoot Gibson
Ben Turpin
The Pullman Porters
The Two Black Crows
Hiram & Hezekiah
Bindle-stiff Ballads
Last Songs
Old love letters

Bookmark #5 -
This is from reading George Orwell's Down and Out in Paris and London

Suzanne May
Danse De Ventre
Tin billy
Nancy boys - London
Apache boys - Paris
Cockney rhyming slang
Tramp major
Quentin Durward


I'm guessing this was part of the Paris Review box set of interviews that I had. I loved reading that set, and I think I read most of the interviews within. It's where I discovered Eugene Walter via his delightful interview with Isak Dinesen.

Maryanne Moore
Philip Larkin
Jamesian Parenthesis
Wyndham Lewis
Isiah 40
Summary of prayer: Oh God pay attention to me! -Robert Frost via Ezra Pound
Vorticist Movement
Ezra Pound - Cantos
When  did we lose the appelation of humorist?
Wolcott Gibbe
Russel Maloney
Clarence Day

"Your blue eyes are closed, the world can rest."

The grotesques of childhood.
Yeats - Gyre
Lucas Myers
Ted Hughes - the thought fox
What is Ars Poetica?

"I think like a genius, I write like a distinguished man of letters, I talk like an idiot." - Nabakov

Andrew O' Hagan
John Gardner - Interview
Eugene Walter

Jean Rhys-
"A room is, after all a place where you hide from the wolves. That's all any room is."

Ford Maddox Ford - Parade's End
George Seldes - Witness to a century
Jean Rhys - Wide Sargasso SeaSucriants

Au fond
William Kittridge

"We may not be able to teach you what you need or what you want. We can only teach you what we know. " - Prof. James Welch

BOOKMARK #3 01/11/2016

I must have been reading a bio of Roscoe Arbuckle at the time.

Roscoe Arbuckle in The Butcher Boy
Alice Lake
Talmadge Sisters
Walter Hiers
Olive Thomas
Wallace Reed
Baby Peggy
Maude Delmont
Professional Correspondent
Poodles Hanneford
Snaggs Maroone & His Highnote Highlanders
Al St. John
The Masquers
King Vidor

Bookmark #1 (Posted sometime in 2015)

Palace Car
Thomas Farnham
john birdwells diary
captain fremont 2nd expidition
Lanceford Hastings Emigrant Guide
Bear Flag Revolt
Thirty Days Prayer
Asher Sizemore
Frank Patterson
Petroleum, Ky
Henry Bandy
Marshall Claiborne
Whit Gayden
Emory Martin the one-armed banjo player
Natchee The Indian
Georgia Yellow Hammers

Buck and Wing Dance
Theron Hale
Obed Pickard
Blind Joe Mangrum and Fred Shriver
Irvin S. Cobb

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