Friday, September 28, 2007


Drove an hour and a half (one way) to Gainesville Fl the other night to see The Black Diamond Heavies. The whole time I was watching them I kept wondering to myself why the hell aren't these guys playing the same damn places that Robert Randolph plays? Why aren't these guys at the very least following the same trajectory as the Black Keys and opening for Beck and/or Radiohead? I'm just frkn baffled. It ain't for lack of trying. The Heavies tour damn near constantly. The sell out overseas but not here? What the...? If you havn't seen them live you are missing one of the most exciting two piece four armed six legged outfits on the planet. I'm a drummer and don't normally give a rats ass about other drummers b'cuz they usually disappoint me. As a guitar player friend once told me when I asked him why he doesn't go to shows "Plumbers don't go watch other plumbers do they?". But I would crawl across (insert yr own horrible thing to crawl across here)to see Van Campbell. He's solidly in that funkyass punk blues pocket but is kicking at the double stiched seams constantly challenging and driving his pat'na keys stroker,and sexy genius John Wesley Myers on/out/upward. It's a total thrill to watch them work. And this is a band that works. Remember when you were a kid and you played with a parachute with a bunch of other kids trying to keep a ball suspended in the air above the parachute? I've played in a lot of bands and when the band is at it's best the music is like that ball just somehow suspended above you. John and Van keep it up All Night Long.
On tour now in the U.K. and etc with the incomparable Scott H. Biram




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