Saturday, September 22, 2007


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So when I get asked by a band on MySpace to be it's "friend" I always
check to see if they are asking cuz we have something in common or if it's a mass request and they don't really love me ...for ME! ME! I'M THE ONE! ex-girlfriend suddenly controlled my typin' fingers ... anyhow
I look at the comments while I listen to the music and if there are a
zillion people sayin' thanks for the add then we usually have nothing
in common and they usually suck. Unlike these guys:

Jonny B and The Invisible Strangers

I emailed Jonny to tell him I dig his stuff and to see if he had
some sort of bio info. Here's his reply:

Here is some crap I came up with... Bottom line I live in Whitman MA, 20 miles south of Boston...I wrote all the songs and shit below, I got together with this guy Milt who got some guys together and we laid down some tracks...that's why we don't' play out... Here is some sort of a's all true...
Jon Barry singer and rhythm guitarist wrote all the songs, heavily influenced by Charlie Patton, Son House, Lead Belly and Keith Richards, by the way of Led Zeppelin who probably is the single most influential band in his life not only for the musical influence but for the intrigue that surrounded them and turned him on to the legend of the blues. Of equal importance if and maybe more of an influence is the Red dirt of Arizona, Jack Kerouac, Jimi Hendrix and Jerry Garcia...After returning to New Hampshire from living out of a tent and an old VW bus in Arizona, the real musical journey was about to begin. After learning how to play the guitar from a man who lived down a long dirt road in the middle of the woods, he formed a band called Poor Man's Stew with a few friends who all worked at a local factory, they were all poor and of mixed musical influence and no they did not turn into Black Sabbath, but the band ran it's course...So after some time off, he began to write songs on his own, and came across Milt Reder who owns the Rear Window Studio in Brookline MA. After listening to a 4 track tape from Jon, Milt knew some guys who would be perfect for the project...and there begins the story of Jonny B and the Invisible Strangers...

So there you have it folks. Mystery "band" that isn't a band and doesn't do shows makes real kool and original sounding mash with native desert dust devil spooks in the walls that hump and bump in the nightshade to the Velvets and Waits in one room, Love Over Gold era Dire Straits in in the other, Doors and their indian ghosties out on the dirt and gravel freeway, David Roback's Opal and Mazzy Star upstairs and Manuel, Helm Hudson and Danko down below.
All that's left is to Come On In and...LiSTEN.



  1. this is great! takes me back to the days of old. jonny b has that essential blues voice that transcends generations. encore, jonny b, encore!!!

  2. Whitman, MA??? Damn, these guys must be ok. Grew up one town over, in Brockton...City of Champions. Good stuff. Really like their sound...shame they don't play out, but let's not get greedy.



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