Monday, November 5, 2007

Kountry Konnections

Gary Stewart- Shes acting single

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I made a post on my Yahoo group that mentioned that if you havn't heard Chris knight I feel sorry for you. I was inspired by a post by the Nine Bullets blog on Chris Knight. My pal Mike remarked that if you dig Chris Knight you'll probably like Charlie Robison (who by the way has the same last name as my wife Leslie) as well. I do dig Charlie. I should also mention that Charlie covers a song written by Waylon Payne called The Bottom. Mr. Payne is the son of Sammi (Help me make it thru the night) Smith and Jody Payne longtime guitarist for Willie Nelson. Mr.Payne played Jerry Lee Lewis in Walk The Line. His first album The Drifter is excellent and, of course, out of print. Mike also mentioned that he held some brand of hate for Charlie's brother Bruce(why the disdain for Bruce remains unexplained). By the way Charlie is married to Dixie Chick Emily Robison. Bruce is married to the amazing Kelly Willis and has written a number of fine songs covered by some of Nashville's shiniest stars. Gary Allan covered a song by Bruce that I happen to love called What Would Willie Do? which is written about just who you'd think. Rather unrelated but no less important is Gary Stewart. A couple weeks back I was drankin' with a couple friends who are young and country-challenged. Now when I go to a bar that has a juke i'm fer damn sure gonna put on some fkd up country songs that'll ruin the party for everybody but me. We went to the bar at the Legion Hall and I played Gary Stewart's She's Actin' Single I'm Drinkin' Doubles which is one of those country songs that, hellfire, if you don't like country music or are ignorant of the genre could suffice as the only country song you might need in yr collection. Sadly Gary Stewart's life ended up the nightmare that Gary Allan's has been the last couple years following the suicide of his wife...tho Allan has so far survived his own hell. My friends and I ended up sangin' She's Actin' Single all the way back to our cars. He'll be remembered and so will that song. So with that said:

GARY STEWART- She's Actin' Single MP3
CHRiS KNiGHT- Down By The River MP3
CHARLiE ROBiSON- The Wedding Song (duet w/Natalie Maines)MP3
CHARLiE ROBiSON- El Cerrito Place MP3
CHARLiE ROBiSON- Life of The Party MP3
GARY ALLAN- Don't Tell Mama I was Drinkin' MP3
GARY ALLAN- What Would Willie Do? MP3

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