Thursday, November 15, 2007

Greatest Country Song of All Time? part one

Mr. George Jones' signature song He Stopped Loving Her Today is widely considered by most to be the greatest country song of all time. I have no real interest in argueing that point. However i've never been a real fan of claiming any one thing as the greatest whatzit. I'm going to present a series of songs here (in my own sweet time and in no particular order) that move me just as much as Mr.Jones' famous heartbreaker.

First up:

GENE WATSON- Farewell Party MP3 Buy it!
ALAN JACKSON- Farewell Party MP3 Buy It!

Interviewed in issue #72 Nov-Dec 2007 of No Depression Magazine, Gene Watson says that "We had about twenty minutes left on a session, and I said I'd like to record this song. Jim Williams didn't care for the song. Nobody did. So I got an acoustic guitar, sang it on the floor of the studio,let the musicians make their charts. We went through it once to make sure they had the chord progressions right, And we rolled tape. What you hear is a scratch track, one cut. We did it in fifteen minutes."

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