Friday, January 11, 2008


Ya know folks, generally speaking, about the last thing I give a good G.D. about is a music festival. I suffered enough years at Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival to know better. But...BUT....The Deep Blues Festival is different. Any other fest i'd have to pick and choose who I reallyreally want to see then moo and low with the rest of the cattle from stage to stage praying to get there on time to see whoever it was I drove four hours to see. With The Deep Blues Fest you get 40 some odd bands all of which fall into a somewhat similar genre of vibe and all of which I either totally dig and can't believe I get to see alongside all these other bands I love or bands i've wanted to see for ages but never come near where I live. And the other really sweet deal clincher about the DBF is the music is virtually non-stop. You have two side-by-side stages so as one band is playing the next is setting up. No trying to run thru the crowd and tripping over baby strollers or a dog that some crazy hippie brought being as dogs just loooove loud music. Its all right there in front of you at the DBF. You could stand in the same spot for the whole weekend and not miss a band. I'll be spieling a lot more on the DBF in the coming months but till then save yr pennies and pack yr bags. This will be the one weekend of music that you and yr friends and family will remember for the rest of yr natural born life.

The list of films we'll be showing will be announced soon.

Tickets will go on sale January 31st. Festival runs July 18th-20th.

The order of appearence is reversed here
so first listed will be the last to play that day.

Friday July 18
Richard Johnston
Elmo Williams & Hezekiah Early
T-Model Ford
Silver Lion's 20/20
Juke Joint Duo feat. Cedric Burnside and Lightnin' Malcolm
The Moaners
Jimmy "Duck" Holmes
Chris Cotton
.357 String Band
Smokestack and the Foothill Fury
The BirdDogs
CuzN Wildweed

Saturday July 19
Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers
Black Diamond Heavies
Dexter Romweber Duo
pat mAcdonald
Buffalo Killers
Charlie Parr
Honkeyfinge r
Boogaloosa Prayer
Adam Posnak
Pure Country Gold
Illinois John Fever
Bluesboy Jag

Sunday July 20
Bob Log III
Scott H. Biram
Possessed By Paul James
Left Lane Cruiser
Tarbox Ramblers
American Relay
Patrick Sweany
Black Smokers
John Schooley
The Pack A.D.
Cicada Omega
Dead Or Alives
Luther The Devil

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  1. can't. wait. for. this.

    i'm a'goin' this year.
    any news on the black keys?


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