Friday, December 28, 2007

The Soul Of John Black is bound to be The Soul of all my people.

The Soul Of John Black is perhaps best known in some circles as John “JB” Bigham aka guitarist for legendary Cali funkskasoulrock mad genius' Fishbone. But in my house he's best know as that guy whose album we have been playing several times a day for the last three weeks. As if Prince took a road trip with Al Green, (Que Sera Sera era) Sly Stone, and Little Axe thru the jukes and back street discos of Memphis, North Mississippi, and the dirty foot Carolinas. This delicious hot gumbo of dirty soul blues grooves melds deeply with flourishes of southern hip-hop and raw early blues to make an exciting and original sound. Lenny Kravitz is gonna be cranky when he hears this album. The deep groove that Bigham owns and easily lays is what Lenny has always aspired to but never dug deep enough for. Track one tucks in the sheets with a 23rd century field holler called Down In The Hole, some Pre-Rev Al Green-esque sexy fat & slow grinding blues follow with The Moon Blues. David Kimbrough needs to hook into a cover of I Got Work and get JB Bigham to produce. The breadth and consistancy of this work is what I find really appealing. Creepy mid-city swamp blues meet moonless instrumental porch moan shadow by the highway soundtracks. Old timer pickin' blues trip and kick and mesh down with hip-hop grit and hump, bad girl gospel choirs and guitar slides that must keep your ass workin' and sweatin', your head bobbin' and brain diggin'. The dirty rattley beats and hot sanctified funk of Good Girl (track 4) will give you wood. As much as i'd dig telling you about this cd track by track this is an album that needs to creep on ya loud as well as quiet(repeatedly) and kinda remind you of how you shook when you finally got to hold hard to that good someone and kiss 'em on the back of the neck for the first time. Cheers to Memphis' Yellow Dog Records for the cojones and good sense to back this man up. A thrilling artist with a refreshing sound who's new release should be bangin' the earbuds n' trunks of smart and tasteful humans worldwide.

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The Soul Of John Black- The Good Girl Blues BUY iT!

THE HOLE (short version) MP3



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  1. Thanks for posting this Rick. I'm a fishbone fan from way back...there was a point in time where you couldn't keep us away from one of their shows whenever they came to town. Beyond the craziness of all that was fishbone, the musicianship was top notch.

    This is a great direction for JB, and I hadn't heard of it until I read your post. Just grabbed it down off of emusic...I suspect it will dominate my ipod back and forth to work for some time.



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