Saturday, February 9, 2008



This sooper high octane 21 track hunk o'punkass garage blues lo-fi rockness hails from dirty durty Northern Ireland and it kills and kills again. 21 times it kills. I just love a record label that you can trust and so far Motor Sounds Records is just that. Like SST Records in the olden days Andy McGibbon's Motor Sounds knows it's thang and knows it well. Chunky hunks of greasy garage rawk squawk vs sexy Joe Da Grinder D-troit R n' B vs Bargain basement fuzz bomb freakouts. Some of y'all know the garagecentric Nuggets box sets and Children of Nuggets. This is like the unknown reform school delinquent brother of Nuggets who doesn't get to come over much 'cuz he's always kicking the collective asses of the Children of Nuggets. Feels he owes it to 'em. Thinks maybe it'll teach 'em a lesson for being such a precious little prigs. Eleven bands from Ireland, Italy, Belgium, England, Japan and the good ol' USA throwing down the State of the garage rawk Union. You get two likker fueled hump infested tracks from Brighton's Mudlow (who just happen to be one of my fave bands in the whole damned universe and who will be stealing yr girlfriends and smashing yr boyfriends guitar at The Deep Blues Festival (their first U.S. appearence!) this summer), two tracks by Andy McGibbon's own spectrafrknsonic Bonevilles (known as The Motorsounds on this set)(and who is this guy? the Diddy of Lurgan?), UKs The Surgens bring their next century northern england hillbilly sex thrash party two times, Detroit and now Brooklyn's Rock and Roll Monkey And The Robots bring a couple super teen titan odes and anti-odes to their twin anti-heroes (and mine!) Ann Arbor's Shakey Jake Woods and James Dean. Fukuoka Japan's fuzzbomb fans The Routes shake it two times too. Belgium's Secret Agent Men rock-out so good one might never guess they were Belgian. Hey I knew a girl from Belgium and she ate A LOT of meat. It makes sense. Dublin's The Urges bless and beat us with The Urges Theme while Italys' Super Sexy Boy 1986 touch you two times in the places that are covered by yr bathing suits with Columbian Lover as well as Golden Hole. Belfast's The Tupelo Incident hit it one time but it seems like was that good baby! Their fellow Belfastian's The Keepers groove down two speaker destroyers one of which is a flaming farfisafied melt down. I havn't been fan of compilation albums for ages on account of the sinple fact that since punk rock died it's first death most compilations i've come across sucked. But this set brings back the glory days of Rodney on the Roq, Hell Comes to Your House, Radio Tokyo Tapes, and the comps that New Alliance, Mystic and SST put out. Really strong stuff that well reminds me that the rock sure as hell ain't even close to dead. You got Motor Sounds Records to thank and blame for that.

Buy Blood On The Scratchplate '65 HERE!

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  1. Hi Rick, excellent and all true brother, all true. Thanks for the words. Oh and by the way, I got the hat Tobias wears in Zane Morite, he gave it to me when we where over gigging last year it still has the fake blood stains from the shoot.

    also, Chris and me are recording the album today and tomorrow so send us some mental mojo, every little helps.

    Take it easy


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