Thursday, February 28, 2008

Buddy Miles is Dead.

The great drummer Buddy Miles is dead. When I was a kid I listened to my older brother's albums all the time. When I was ten the album I listened to the most was Buddy Miles' Them Changes. I'd imagine the album cover alone is one of the reasons I became a drummer. I can still remember the texture and softness of the album cover. You poor folks who don't dig the vinyl will never know what i'm talking about. I had a temp-evil girlfriend who tried to send me a message by playing Down By The River (listen to the lyrics)but it was the original Neil Young version so it didn't even faze me. The Buddy Miles version still heals me and gives me solace. Thanks Buddy. Rest in Peace brother.

Them Changes- MP3
Buddy and Carlos- Them Changes Live MP3
Down By The River- MP3

Buy Carlos Santana and Buddy Miles:Live Here
Thanks to my friends in Champagne Velvet for hippin' me to this video!

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  1. nice rick

    love that carlos santana and buddy miles live album. man when in high school i would play the hell out of it. need to track that lp down.

    btw, i remember seeing randy hansen, the greatest jimi hendrix impersonator out there, boy he too can play guitar, anyhow this one particular evening he had buddy miles on drums, and i'll never forget they were playing voodoo chile, and buddy launched one of his drum sticks out in the audience, after smashing it on his cymbal, at first i wasn't really trippin' off it, but as it came closer to my head, i think i was like 50 feet a way, i casually put out my hand and caught his drum stick in flight, anyhow, after the show i had buddy sign his stick, which is now in my home. ok, see you around, dave


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