Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A.A. BONDY-American Hearts

Remember how much you loved Whiskeytown's Stranger's Almanac? And/or Ryan Adam's first solo album? Remember how you wished the rest of his stuff was that personal but rarely turned out to be? That wish and more is the place that A.A. Bondy's album American Hearts lives in. It's dark and personal with Dylan-esque smarts and blues. That's not to say Bondy is the NEW INSERTNAMEHERE. He's got his own thing and while flavors of those that came before are inescapable Bondy's country folk picking alt-blues guitar and harmonica sound is made fresh and minimal modern through his tasteful use of open atmospheres and simple textures like hand claps, organ, fuzz guitar buried in the mix or single marching snare drum for accompaniment. Ex of 1990's Alabama rock stars Verbena, A.A. Bondy is brought to you by Fat Possum Records , and that's about the best way I know how to spell Quality. This ain't yr mom and daddy's folk rock. This is your'n.

Buy A.A. Bondy's American Hearts HERE

A.A. Bondy @ MySpace

Fat Possum sez it's ok if you steal these MP3s if you go buy the album!

How Will You Meet Your End MP3
Vice Rag MP3

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