Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I had always thought Superstar was a Carpenters original until reading an obit on Delaney Bramlett that mentioned the song titled "Groupie (superstar)". The Carpenters version is, of course, the classic. They all but own it...but I love Luther's version the best. The new version by Dallas band Shock of Pleasure certainly rivals Sonic Youth's version for coolness. Either way the song is pure pop perfection. Listen:

Delaney and Bonnie- Groupie (Superstar) MP3

Carpenters- Superstar MP3

Luther Vandross- Superstar MP3

Shock of Pleasure- Superstar MP3

Sonic Youth- Superstar MP3


  1. Hey, cool post man. I'm reading Clapton's autobio right now, not sure if Clapton kept a relationship with him or not.
    BTW, you Carpenters MP3 is actually Luther.
    But I'll disagree, the Carpenters IS the best known, but Karen is really just copying Bonnie's style.
    Never heard the Sonic Youth version before, I like it!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the error! It's fixed now. Glad you liked the post. I appreciate the comment.


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