Saturday, January 1, 2011

16HORSEPOWER : Brimstone Rock

The Greatest Super epic Christian hillbilly french 
romanian albanian, metal Alabamian bands of all time
(or something like that) who is
noted for it's use of banjo, hurdy gurdy, 
(and other interesting instrumentation) 
that as ever come from Denver.
This is one of those songs that, for me, 
would do for my one desert island song.
You should just buy it.
They totally deserve your money:
And pardon my rant but...
They so kick the ass, in depth and breadth of sound,
of any of teh backwoods/wards, anti-christian anti-Jesus 
inside joke rocking bands that play olde timey music 
that it's not even funny. Bless their hearts for trying.
I just see that kind of stuff as a cheap, easy, and worse,
a lazy shot. Jesus been tangled up with satin for eternity. 
Buy this song. It's called American Wheeze. 
Seriously dude. It's .99 from amazon. Same at itunes.

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