Saturday, December 18, 2010

CHRiS COTTON- My spiel + new video from his new album NEW AMERiCAN CENTURY Vol One

Leslie: "Who is this again, Rick?"
Me: "Cotton"
Leslie: "His new stuff?"
Rick: "yup"
Leslie: "Fuck that Cotton! He's so good!"

My wife sums up Cotton's new recording in six words far better than I will. However:

Chris Cotton's fifth album New American Century Vol One is out and available in two formats:
I've always loved Cotton's stuff and I think the reason why is because he's always changing, always growing, never static but still remaining true to himself. Each album has been a transition from the last and New American Century is no exception. Continuing on the vibe of his last album The Big Sea, which was a quite a departure from his previous work, Mr. Cotton has added a string section for a full yet simple acoustic sound ala Nick Drake. It's a gorgeous sounding recording both sonically and performance-wise. New American Century Vol One ranks quite easily in as one of my top two favorite recordings of the year. If you like the sound of the song below (a song which made a friend of mine cry) you will love the rest of the album. Available directly from Cotton via the links below: // MySpace

"My best friend and persistant road manager Mike Seeba took liberties to endevour to make a music video for my new tune, The Loudest Sound. I'm still planning on making a full fledged video for this song, but in the meantime this is one of the cooler things I've seen in awhile. The footage itself is public domain; its from 1906 in san francisco three days before the earthquake and subsequent fire that destroyed most of the city. Mike thinks that my song best represents this footage, as it was silent; but there are many edits to this on the internet with many different musical works over them. We are trying to get youtube to feature Mikes version; so please give it a solid view, and rate it appropriatley per your feelings, and if you like it, please tell others about it.
Fun Facts:
This is one of the earliest, if not THE EARLIEST moving pictures in existance. At 2:20 in the clip, the trolly passes a point that is approxomatley by my estimation 3 short blocks from what would become Hyde Street Studios where this song was produced. 105 years later."
Many thanks,
Chris Cotton

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  1. Thanks for posting, Rick! Another fantastic musical accomplishment as usual from Mr. Cotton, so I'm honored to make a video to try to get his music out there to more people.

    I just wanted to add that the other footage used in the video is also from 1906, down the same street shortly after the infamous earthquake and fires that devastated the area. Check out the video details for more interesting info about the original footage.


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