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Wow. Just fucking wow. 
Kill It Kid is my new favorite band in the whole world. 
My pal Matt, the drummer for Mudlow (one of my fave bands in the world) just turned me on to them. They hail from across the water in the city of Bath

Now would be the time to equate Kill It Kid to water, but as apt as it is, I won't. But I will say that Kill It Kid combines everything I dig in a band.

First and foremost: 
They are epic ( I <3 epic!) but with a tremendous sense mystery, melody, hard blues roots appeal, digital atmospheric sensibility, style and vibe plus grooves that are sexy as all hell.

Kill It Kid may have listened to Aerosmith, Van Halen, Floyd, and  Zeppelin, PJ, and Dead Weather, but also a lot of folk music, roots music, gospel, r & b, blues of all stripe, i'm also hearing 16Horsepower, Echo,  hell showtunes even. Their music is the same vibe I look for in a mashup. The sum of it's parts is transcendental.

First recorded in '08 by PJ Harvey's John Parrish, for their new album Feet Fall Heavy they get balled out and dolled up by a dude who had produced Foo Fighters and The Gossip. 
In fact, those two bands are the perfect doppelganger for Kill It Kid. 
Heavy and melodic with a deep sense of history and future.

Kill It Kid are a powerful band that deserves your attention. 
And your money. 
Give it to them.

And The Acoustic version:


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