Friday, October 14, 2011


A video I made a while back with photos I took from around places I've lived. Music by Ray Wiley Hubbard:


  1. I love these for many reasons, some emotional due to my connections to them, but some from the perspective of a photographer. Because I'm such a goddamned perfectionist I have to constantly battle against a tendency to follow the "rules". I hate rules, especially in any form of art, so there is a shitstorm of tension there to feed on. But I love seeing photographs captured with a complete and utter disregard of the "rules" of photography, so much so that there is a palpable aesthetic innocence and freedom that emanates from them. They are a perfect antidote to my agonizingly nurtured and wrought works. Beautifully done, Richard.

  2. Bob, That's about the nicest thing anyone has said about my pictures. I knew you'd get it. I hadnt looked at this in at least 3-4 years, and I still like 'em. Thank You, brother.


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